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Learning Apophysis (my blog @ 1stAngel Arts Network)

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Apophysis (installation package)
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Official plugin pack
ApoShack plugin pack
Xyrus02 plugins
Apophysis J (Java version)
Apophysis 7X (Windows 7 optimised)
Apophysis JK (Jed Kelsey modification)
Fr0st (flam3-compatible flame generator)
flam3 (sheep server 2.7, direct download)
flam3 (2.8 beta, 1 or 2 cores, direct download)
flam3 (2.8 beta, 4 cores or more, direct download)
flam4 (in development)
Metaphysis (in development)


Revised help file
Apophysis wiki
flam3 wiki
Plugin spreadsheet
Plugin creation starter kit


Apophysis Exploration (@ Visual Arts Academy)
Apophysis: Beyond the Basics (@ Visual Arts Academy)
Learning Apophysis (my blog @ 1stAngel Arts Network)
Claire Jones' tutorials
Fractal Resources tutorials

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Fractal Resources @ deviantART
Claire Jones' collected resources


Base forms pack
Mobius design pack
Fractal Resources flame packs


Fractal Resources gradients


Supermassive script pack
Fractal Resources scripts

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